To reduce virtually all fraud crimes to ZERO without fuss
Why don’t we just correct faults in our current systems?
Thankfully faults exposed by fraudsters in our systems are too simple to correct with ID KEY.
It is pointless to implement new systems since these faults will make them unreliable too.
ID KEY system will make ATM transactions safe and foolproof.
All financial institutions have to do is to
1. Supply card holders ID Keys (similar to memory sticks and costing only a few pounds) as shown in the diagram below.
  *We will have option to make our ID Keys as smart as we want. Apart from ATM codes to activate ATMS, these keys can have photo and name digitally stored to activate photo printers at transaction points to print ID stickers. This will make them as reliable as DNA. Doctors could also download important medical details plus we could use them as portable hard drives.
In reality these ID Keys can be treated as International ID cards and since they will deter fraud, financial institutions in all countries could implement this system.
2. Insert slots in ATMs so that security codes on these ID keys can be sent to data centre.
3. Modify software at data centre so that the folder will hold cardholder’s different card numbers, key code and random 50+ online codes, which when required will be changed to new random values by banks and ATMs. These alpha numeric codes, obtained by activating ID Keys with pass word by PC will act as approved authorisation code for every individual online transaction.
Can you imagine how effective ID Key system will be in deterring PIN and online authorisation code fraud?
ATM will be activated if card and key codes match values at data centre This will instantly deter use of skimmers, pin-hole cameras plus shoulder surfing and hackers from picking online codes.
Online transaction will be validated only once by these online code
*So to operate ATM, cardholder will require card, ID key and PIN number. Same system can be applied in retail sector to stop misuse of PIN numbers.
This system will make it meaningless for fraudsters to skim cards, use pin-hole camers to pick PIN numbers or even use stolen cards with PIN numbers. Every time transaction is concluded key codes at data centre and on the key will change to a new random value, which even data centre staff will not know.
ATM fraud has increased by 80% this year in Britain and so the need to implement proposed system is obvious.
Same system will apply to card operated equipment such as petrol pumps, Chip and PIN at retail outlets where card and right key will activate transaction.

Nominal cost of implementing this system will be justified by the massive savings due to fraud losses.

We hope that financial institutions and the public will support this system to make ATM transactions safe rather than let fraudsters kill this unique and useful system by ignoring it.

*Personalise signatures to make signatures virtually 100% safe and foolproof
To make ID Keys more useful, along with ATM codes they will have cardholder’s photo and name digitally stored so that they will activate photo printer at transaction points to print single or multiple ID stickers. To conclude transaction all a cardholder has to do is to apply ID sticker to the document and countersign as shown in the diagram below. Thumbprint is optional.
  *We will have option to make our ID Keys as smart as we want. Apart from ATM codes to activate ATMS, these keys can have photo and name digitally stored to activate photo printers at transaction points to print ID stickers. This will make them as reliable as DNA. Doctors could also download important medical details plus we could use them as portable hard drives.
Fraud is possible only because fake and forged documents make signatures unreliable. It is obvious that ID stickers will deter fraud by making signatures reliable again.
Personalised signature system will be effective and foolproof because
*Even if the name and signature is bogus, photo will increase the risk of getting prosecuted from next to none to virtually 100% by giving police option to expose identity on “Wanted for questioning” page in national papers.
*Disguises will not work either because using right software police will be able to remove them.
*No one would get tempted to use other people's ID stickers since these stickers would be personalised to individuals via their photos.
*No one will get tempted to misuse other people's ID sticker to fake crime because police will be able to establish that the crime was faked by proving that the person in question was not at that point of transaction at that moment in time.
*Currently we have no answer how to identify and prosecute fraudsters but if we use personalised signatures fraudsters will not have answer how to do fraud without getting identified and prosecuted.
This validates our claim that to deter fraud signatures should be personalised with ID stickers since ONLY this system will increase the risk of prosecution from next to none to virtually 100%.
*Can you think of a reason why anyone would be daft enough to abuse other people’s personal details when they know for sure that we will know who they are from their personalised signatures?
Pre-printed ID stickers will enable us to personalise signature on any document anywhere in the world. We are sure you will appreciate that equipment dependent systems will not benefit small and medium traders who can not afford equipment. In reality their problems will increase because fraudsters from other sectors will be diverted to them.
Personalised signatures will automatically deter identity fraud, Chip and PIN card application fraud, cheque fraud, bankers’ draft fraud, mail order fraud (personalised signature on delivery notes), bogus con-trader fraud (personalised signature on receipt) etc.
  *Rather than let victims of various types of fraud suffer losses of millions of pounds per day it is economical and wise to implement this system and save these losses.

*We treat personalised signature system (PSS) as active ID system because person’s identity will remain active on document in question till the document is destroyed.

Financial institutions can implement proposed system initially by supplying their customers’ pocketsize books with 64 ID stickers. Please contact us to obtain your book of ID stickers.

ID stickers can also be applied to medication and medical reports to deter fatal mistakes, help members of search team to find missing persons quickly plus to personalise virtually anything.

We hope financial institutions will implement these systems to protect their customers and entire business industry from becoming victims of fraud since apart from card slips all their documents are signature dependent. These systems would be effective worldwide if financial institutions in all countries implement these systems.

Following report shows that Japanese government has made financial liable for all fraud losses. If other governments do the same, it will be economical for financial institutions to implement ID KEY system.

New era of bank card security
The Japan Times - Japan
Bank deposit safety in Japan is threatened increasingly by people using forged or stolen cards to make illegal withdrawals. Now, members ...
Delay in implementing ID KEY system is costing victims of fraud millions of pounds EVERYDAY because only this system will make signatures, PIN numbers and online authorisation codes reliable and foolproof and hence deter fraud crimes.
If you have any questions on these details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We request media to expose these system correcting proposals to the general public. If required, we will be delighted to meet you to practically demonstrate these systems and answer your questions.

Your comments and support to exploit ID KEY system will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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WARNING: ID Sticker and Card Key ideas used in smart ID Key system are rights protected by granted patents while stationary used is protected by copyrights. We are licensed to supply pocketsize books of ID stickers to the members of public and organisations plus allow organisations to exploit these systems under licensing agreements.